Is Politisides Impartial?

Yes, and no. Politisides is a news aggregator so the content is not impartial. However, the way the content is gathered and displayed is as impartial as it can be. Politisides in no way endorses any content that is aggregated.

Why A Search Engine?

Search engine bias graph. How bias is your search engine?Many people complain about their search engine only showing left-leaning or right-leaning search results. The graph to the left shows a test done by searching "climate change". Then the first 10 relevant results that lean "left" or "right" are counted. No "center" results were included because "center" is difficult to prove. Politisides has a custom made search engine that tries to show an equal number of results from both sides.

What sites does Politisides aggregate?

What is Politisides roadmap?

1. Science (evolution/intelligent design/creationism..)

2. Satire

3. News that is under-reported in the opposing side.

4. Youtube channels with different views on specific issues. Maybe even specific videos.

Why are the article pairs sometimes off?

The algorithm sometimes gets it wrong.


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